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Personalized Puzzle

Personalized Puzzle

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Piece Together Beautiful Memories!

Whether you are a child or grown-up, there's no feeling like putting in the last puzzle piece. Upgrade to a Personalized Puzzle today to bring a smile to anyone's face!

Why a Personalized Puzzle

  • Great Date Idea - Imagine the look on your partner's face when they see a puzzle of your favorite memory come to life!
  • Amazing Way To Spend Time - In an all digital age, it's relaxing to put away the phones and just live in the moment. Have some patience, and enjoy yourself!
  • No Skill Set Required - We wanted all to be able to enjoy our Personalized Puzzle, which is why we made it super simple! Everyone's done a puzzle at least once, and if not, no worries! It's easy to get the hang of!
  • Amazing Home Decor - Frame your puzzle after finishing to show off your hard work

    FREE Photo Edits

    Our Design Team checks and edits every image before it's put on a puzzle. Wonder what we do to your image?

    • Framing And Cropping: According to the puzzle size and your image aspect ratio, we will crop them with both in mind so you get the best puzzle possible!
    • Shadow And Highlight Enhancements: We want to make sure you image is as even as possible, meaning the end result will be beautiful. No super dark or super light spots!

      How To Order

      • Step 1: Click "Choose Image" to select your photo
      • Step 2: Choose the Piece Count
      • Step 3: Click "Add To Cart" to place your order


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