Love & Color - Newlyweds&
Love & Color - Newlyweds&
Love & Color - Newlyweds&
Love & Color - Newlyweds&
Love & Color - Newlyweds&
Love & Color - Newlyweds&
Love & Color - Newlyweds&

Love & Color - Newlyweds' Custom Painting By Numbers Kit

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Create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that celebrates your new life together. With our Custom Paint By Numbers Kit, you can choose the colors and details that best represent your relationship. Let your love shine through with a custom painting that's uniquely yours.

Rekindle the romance

Revisit your wedding day every time you look at your custom painting by numbers. Let the colors and lines bring the memories of your special day back to life and rekindle the fire of your love.


The image should be no less than 750px high & wide.

The background shouldn't be too cluttered. 

Close-up photos with a smooth lighting.

Share a Special Moment

Create a beautiful and unique keepsake that celebrates your new life together. Whether you’re working on the painting in the same room or sending it to each other while you’re apart, a custom painting by numbers kit is a fun and meaningful way to stay connected. Create a work of art that celebrates your love for each other.



Full Paint Set

Set of 3 Brushes

Create a Lasting Work of Art

Bring your relationship to the canvas. Enjoy the creative process, taking turns to apply the vibrant colors and hues to the intricate lines and patterns. As you work together in harmony, the image will come to life, a beautiful reminder of your mutual love and commitment. Feel the energy of the moment as you continue to paint, each stroke conveying a deeper meaning and emotion. When the painting is complete, you'll hold a piece of artwork that symbolizes your relationship and the time spent together.

Get inspired for your Custom Paint by Numbers

Honor your bond

Make a lasting memento of your special day. Capture the love and joy of your wedding with a unique, personalized piece of art that makes a statement about your commitment to each other.

Guaranteed Best Reaction

Draw out awws, oh my goshes, and where’d you get it! with this instant conversation piece.

Trust us, these one-of-a-kind creations are guaranteed to put a big grin on everyone’s face.

Attention to Detail

Let the colors and lines create a work of art that reflects the unity of your marriage. Create a masterpiece together and share a special moment of togetherness as you paint your way to the finished product.

Don't just take our word for it - explore the countless masterpieces and testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Turn your photos into lasting memories and exceptional DIY art with our premium custom paint by number kits. Order now and unlock your inner artist!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our custom paint by number kits come with everything you need to create a stunning masterpiece:

  • A premium-quality, pre-printed numbered canvas (40x50 cm / 16x20 Inch)
  • A set of vibrant, water-based acrylic paints with no mixing required
  • Three paintbrushes (small, medium, and large) for seamless blending and detailing
  • Step-by-step instructions to guide you through the painting process
  • Your original photo

When searching for the perfect photo for your custom paint by numbers kit, it's essential to pick a high-quality image that ensures a stunning and personalized artwork.

For an exceptional custom paint by numbers experience, choose a brightly illuminated and vivid picture. Dim lighting can make it difficult to accurately apply the provided paint colors and might result in a less satisfying final piece.

Remember to take into account the size of the subjects in the photo, particularly people. If they are too small, it can be challenging to paint the finer details, which might affect the overall appearance of the completed artwork.

Opt for a sharp, high-resolution image to avoid any blurriness, ensuring that your custom paint by numbers canvas accurately captures the essence of the original photo, creating a masterpiece you'll be proud of.

When it's time to choose the perfect size for your personalized paint by numbers kit, get excited about the factors that will ensure a delightful painting journey and a breathtaking end result!

First, let's talk details! If your chosen photo is packed with intricate elements, such as captivating facial expressions or tiny objects, go for a larger custom paint by numbers canvas. This will make it a breeze to paint those exquisite details and truly bring your picture to life.

Now, imagine the space where your paint by numbers masterpiece will shine! Measure the area and select a canvas size that will not only fit perfectly but also enhance the room's decor. Your stunning paint by numbers artwork is destined to elevate the atmosphere and add a heartwarming personal touch to your living space.

And last but not least, embrace your inner artist! Consider your painting abilities and enthusiasm for the project. While larger custom paint by numbers canvases demand more time and dedication, they reward you with an incredible level of detail and depth. If you're a beginner, don't worry – start with a smaller canvas to build your confidence and skills before diving into a more ambitious piece.

As you might already know that ordering your personalized photo paint by number from our website is super easy, we would still like to take you through the process:

  • Choose an image of your choice

Select an image of your personal choice. It should be at least 500px in width and height

Choose a picture with less clutter in the background. Preferably a selfie or a close-up photo will do.

  • Upload the image

Select the desired size of the canvas from the available options and upload the image by clicking on the option above, ‘Choose Image’.

  • Complete the Purchase

Fill in all the required information, complete your purchase, and let us take care of the rest. You will also receive a live tracking number after completing the purchase.

The time it takes to complete a Custom Paint by Numbers masterpiece can vary greatly, from just a few hours to multiple days. Factors such as the image's complexity, the artist's experience, and the hours spent painting daily play a role in determining the project's duration. The main goal of a Paint by Numbers kit is to foster artistic creativity, promote mindfulness, and offer stress relief, so it's essential to savor the process and enjoy the journey.

Each painter's pace and approach are unique, making it impossible to pinpoint an exact timeline for all. Some may find it therapeutic to devote extended periods to their DIY art, while others may prefer shorter, more frequent sessions. The secret is discovering the rhythm that suits you best, enabling you to dive into the world of colors and imagination without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Ultimately, your Photo to Paint by Numbers adventure should be a captivating and rewarding experience that nurtures your artistic side, offers anxiety reduction, and highlights your individual flair. Whether it takes a few hours, several days, or even more, the most crucial aspect is the pleasure and sense of achievement you derive from converting a cherished photograph into a stunning, personalized piece of home decoration.